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When I haven’t been on Tumblr all day I’m like:


When I haven’t been on Tumblr all day I’m like:

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but guys.. what if we got taylor to record an acoustic performance of tied together with a smile and post it to tumblr??
taylorswift whaddya think?


OMG, what if we can get Taylor to sing lullabies to us… taylorswift

taylorswift I give up, I am going to sleep. I have school tomorrow. Have a wonderful night beautiful adorable princess goddess! Dat u, Tay tay. 

taylorswift Did you watch The Mindy Project tonight? How great is Mindy Kaling?!

taylorswift it’s literally like 106 degrees in LA. Please cool down my misery …do you have a lavender lemonade recipe?

taylorswift What other recipes do you have for fall? What are you going to be for Halloween?



imagine if taylor swift actually legally adopted a fan like she’s over 18 so she COULD and ik everyone just always jokingly asks her to adopt them but i’m seriously imagining waking up one morning and reading an article that’s like ‘in a stunning act of generosity, taylor swift has adopted a young fan of hers, 13-year-old tumblr user eat-my-ass-taylor1313fear-less’

if only 

omg lkajsdlkjaslkdjas 

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taylorswift so like can i get your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe or nah

taylorswift come on come on don’t leave me like this

I use different ones but this one is pretty solid.. Except that I don’t use milk…